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"A Book That Will Turn Your World Upside Down -Ten Stars!"

"Enlightenment So Simple Even a Child Can Do It!"

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18 True Stories That Reveal
Your Freedom of Choice, Your Inherent Enlightenment,
Your Reality as Source, and So Much More!

In "You Are Source", you will discover:

  • How truly effortless it is, from insights to enlightenment, and all that it represents.
  • Four ordinary people, whose stories narrate the ultimate recognition of being Source.
  • The science that no one talks about, hidden in plain sight.
  • The foundation of your being, what it is and what it’s not.
  • How just one insight can change everything about your current situation.
  • How your freedom of choice is ultimately unlimited, with infinite opportunities available to you in any instant.
  • And so much more!

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What Readers Are Saying...

"What if the Spiritual Teachers and Texts Got it Wrong?"

"What if the spiritual teachers and texts got it wrong? What if enlightenment was something no one on Earth could achieve? What if the way to self-realization was so simple that we completely miss the mark with our retreats, fasts and even affirmations?

Mark Naea, in his new book “You Are Source”, shares his conversations with people that inspire and show how effortlessly true awareness happens. But it isn’t without challenge, and it’s not what you might expect. “You Are Source” provides insight into how this rite of passage can happen on a personal level, as individuals.

I highly encourage reading this book if you have been striving to attain your enlightenment, no matter where on the path you currently find yourself. Read it. And then read it again, as it continues to open a window to the wisdom that has been hidden and forgotten for a very long time."

Jody Goodman

"A Light-Filled Read"

I thoroughly in-joyed reading the book "You Are Source".

The book is easy to read and yet contains much wisdom conveyed beautifully and simply by the Author on his experience with this topic.

The book provided many insights and reminders for anyone on the evolutionary path.

Lay-Ah-Nay J

"A Book That Will Turn Your World Upside Down -Ten Stars"

I've read hundreds of self help, metaphysical, chakra balancing, energy tuning etc, etc, books. I'm not even halfway through this book and everything that you call life, existence has turned topsy turvey on me, in a good way.

I emailed the author with a question and he got right back to me. A couple of days later, I had another question (I hesitated because he's probably a very busy guy) and he got right back to me and asked me a question. That question turned my world upside down and brought tears to my eyes.

I can't put it into words and ask whoever reads this review, do yourself a favor and experience this book. Thank you.

Al C.

"You are Source A Must Read for Every Enlightenment Seeking Soul"

“Rarely do we get a chance to speak with our true essence. In the telling of the stories of those who have met Not-Mark and experienced themselves as source, the reader is allowed the opportunity to face the walls of their own illusions to become aware of the source within. ‘You are Source’ is a must read for every enlightenment seeking soul to realize they already know without knowing and are ‘be-ing’ in the unconditional, infinite now.”

Alice K.

"So Simple; Our Spirit is Source"

I enjoyed this treasure so much! For me, the stories Mark shared are 'ah ha' moments of understanding that I could feel uplifted in.

A beautiful spiritual gift!


"I Thoroughly In-Joyed Reading You Are Source"

I thoroughly in-joyed reading “You Are Source”. The Author conveys his experience with the subject of “enlightenment” and guides the reader on a journey by sharing 18 true stories that enhance the readers’ inner-standing of this truly mysterious and cosmic topic. I was particularly moved by some of the stories. I found them thought-provoking and experienced a few “ah ha…” moments of clarity, in addition to some shedding of tears from my heart.

Another aspect of the book that touched me was the quotes, some of them were phenomenal, as you will experience if you choose to read and journey with this book. I too have chased the ever-evading path of self-realisation and I wholeheartedly in-joyed the Authors’ simplicity in conveying his experience with this topic, which is fundamental to humanity presently. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an alternative perspective on this topic.

L Johnstone

"A Book That Changes the Whole Way You Look at Things?"

"What do you say about a book that changes the whole way that you look at things? Last year I had started finding out information that started the process. But then by the end of Mark’s book everything dropped into place. It was a light bulb moment! My whole outlook on everything has changed. It has been incredible how everything is flowing now. Thank you Mark and not-mark for bringing this book into existence. We are most grateful!"

Lorrie Griffin

"You Realize You are that Miracle"

I could not stop reading the book. You feel the miracles happening and throughout the book you realize you are that miracle too BUT to be that miracle.....sometimes I could feel it like a touch of a feather. THANK YOU

With love and gratitude . . .


"A Pure Joy and a Beloved Tool."

Reading this book is a de-LIGHT-full journey filled with profoundly simplistic understanding. It is a poignant peek into the realities of an awakened one among us in our day to day life experience. It is humorous and divinely playful in the way that the truth of it will call out to your heart. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is in the process of getting out of their own way. It is a pure joy and a beloved tool.

Lisa Joy Meli , Intuitive Medium with Andara Healing

"This Book is Definitely a Mind-Bender"

"This book is definitely a mind-bender. It asks you to “know” that you are Source and that this life is an illusion. You are Source, have always been Source, and are all that exists. The stories that Mark/ not-mark shares are conversations he has had with friends and situations where he is able to illustrate how this all works.

These are all regular, everyday people and it’s very easy to identify with them, their lives, and the questions they ask when given this perspective. You can see them open up and align with this concept of being Source. In the end it’s simple, although it may not look simple in the beginning. Stop all doing and just Be."


"This Book is a Little Jewel in its Profound Expression of Source"

My very first reading of this book deeply touched my heart with its poetic images. To my eyes, this book seemed so simple and yet so complex. Simple in its Complexity. But, as I kept reading, a feeling of Wonder and Awe washed over me. And then, Joy. I feel like I have been invited into a phenomenal and profound Mystery. And the NOW moments, a word, an expression, becomes Luminous-until my thoughts happen again. Then everything becomes Mystery again!

This, dear readers, is supposed to be a Review of Mark Naea’s book ‘’You Are Source”. Rather, it seemed to have been an evolutionary reflection... and it is as such that I share it with you. Mark ( not-mark) says this book is a Compass. And in fact, it is, in showing to the reader a new direction to an Extravagant Elegant and Simple Possibility to living as Source! Mark (not-mark) with his short stories made me smile and laugh with Joy. His Quotes, so right on, are beautiful Hints of ‘’What is’’ in demonstration. And his Demonstrations are not from a human mind.

The language (not-mark) is using is refreshing and transports me in a kind of no non-sense state of being, and in a beautiful Light that stays with me for a good while after reading. This book, to me, is a little Jewel in its profound expression of Source. No limitation, no rule. Just only this ‘’What is" that is and remains hidden from me the reader...hopefully only for a little while yet... This wonderful Gem is a must read for anyone looking for another Direction in their life. To enjoy as much as I did!

Monique Ginchereau

"The Simplest Path to Enlightenment"

"Another title for this book could easily be the simplest path to enlightenment. And as in all things, the simplest a teacher can break down the subject for the student the faster the student can achieve mastery. Well, this is the holy grail of enlightenment books. A simple path that even a child can access. This is the self realization that Buddha laughed at when he saw the"light".

But people twist themselves into knots trying to access it with the human mind when the human mind is "un-functionable" ( I like this word ). By this and as Mark points out, I mean the life we think and the mind we think are so real are nothing but an illusion. A pre-written script that the soul came to play with. A movie. As this book shows in very fascinating and fun to read detail - one only needs to SEE this and internalize it.

When one does - one sees the truth- and when one sees the truth - the game is over (Enlightenment) and the soul reigns by itself. The lights shines - the truth shines and one awakens. Now the trick though is to convince oneself of this truth. In this book Mark uses many stories that come at and chip away at the basis of what we think is reality. And that is the physical world and body. For me I am biased in a scientific manner of thought.

So for me I have to see things logically and that is a problem because there is no logic (at least comprehensible to the human brain) in true reality. Now Mark in this book was able to bring me to so many fundamental breaks in my imagined reality I actually started to warp time, created the appearance of other things with mere thought and more. For me the stories he tells are the suggestion, they are the start of well if he/they can do it, so can I.

I am ready for the movie to end. Now I operate solely from my soul. This book is a fun read. You will enjoy it immensely. Keep at it and like Buddha, you will have the last laugh. And all the fun - oh so much fun."

Katheleen Mitro


From Those Who Were There

Bill, not-bill reaction, Oct 8, 2022
Chapter 4

Mark Naea is the real deal. He’s not one to expound words of wisdom that sound good but leave you unchanged. Quite the contrary, as the life stories in this book reveal, he’s an echo chamber reflecting back each person’s inner knowingness as source until there’s a letting go. It always amazes me how those who encounter him are presented with the opportunity to shift in their understanding of who they are. Something realigns and everything changes. That something is always different for each person, but the change is undeniably profound and permanent.

I’ve known “not-Mark” for several years now and have had the privilege of being present as an observer for a few of his interactions. It’s really fun. I am usually able to sense when that ah-ha moment is about to happen during his conversations. There’s a back and forth with the person actually talking to themselves as ‘source’, and then Mark poses a self-reflecting question, like “Who’s asking?” or “Who wants to know?.” At that point space and time start to ripple, things slow down, and everything gets real quiet. I can’t help but hold my breath. You can actually sense an inner, hidden awareness turning itself inside out. You witness that simple question leading not to an answer, but to an awakened awareness. A shock wave emanates through the Universe, and it is done.

I so appreciate that Mark has succinctly captured real life moments of individual experiences in this, his first book (yes, Mark, it’s only your first). I’ve known of many of these encounters, and have been surprised by others. One thing for sure, Mark has a phenomenal awareness of detail and story telling that helps bring these moments alive for us to enjoy. So, whether you have ‘dropped’ or not, you’ll get insight into how differently we all approach self-identity and the discovery of who we truly are.

Ali, not-ali reaction, Nov 23, 2022
Chapter 13

I remember the moment exactly when I dropped. It was in the fall of 2007. I had been working with Mark not-mark for about a year. I was getting ready for a trip and I had to “charge” a bunch of different Reiki water formulas. I had all my formula pages and bottles ready and did some qi kung, yoga and chanting, to supposedly raise my energy. After about an hour, I sat down and started with the first formula. As I was doing Reiki on the bottled water, I thought “everything should be like this-effortless”. 

As soon as that thought appeared, I had a feeling of complete peace and calm come over me, like never before. I had a feeling that something profound had happened, as I was not feeling any stress as I was packing. Upon my return, I confronted Mark, telling him I thought I had dropped. He took, at the least, an unnerving 2 minutes to grill me, then confirmed it. I feel totally indebted to Mark for his guidance as I cannot help but live life “being in the flow”. I still do NOT feel any stress. Also, my cat at the time changed and became much more mellow! Mahalo not Mark!

About Mark

"from one thing, know ten thousand things"
Miyamoto Musashi

10,000 Books Later

In high school of the late 70s, that quote sparked a literary fire within Mark Naea for answers. Ten thousand books later, Mark has reversed it. Distilling all he read, experienced, and pursued to its fundamental purest essence. “From ten thousand things, know one thing.”

Distillation is the process of purification, to extract and render down to its fundamental quintessence, revealing its rarest elements or most subtle principles. I started my distillation project more than fifty years ago. At the age of five, I asked why?

Two things set me apart from the beginning, my ability to recall what I have read or seen almost photographically, and the long-term processing, cross-referencing, connecting the dots and relationships that were made with seemly no connections other than pure insight.

This was all done in the background, in that undefined realm of the psyche. Millions of bits of information, being constantly collated into a coherent picture that explained why.

After five decades of distillation, having read ten thousand books, countless articles, studies and theories, thousands of hours of media, lectures, movies, not to mention access to the billions of info bits at your fingertips from the internet, it all boiled down to one word: Paradox.

You are Source, the infinite in the singularity, the singularity in the infinite, how it all works, why it all works, understood without understanding. All is paradox, revealed in the stories I have written.

A native of Kauai for fifty-plus years, Mark is self-educated in many diverse disciplines. From multiple fields of science, history, programing, physics and relativity to alternate realities, metaphysical experiences, spirituality, religions, eastern thought and practices, to the most elusive quest of them all: enlightenment.

In his debut book “You are Source”, Mark shares the events and stories that placed him as the top spiritual / metaphysical guide on Kauai. As one person said when first meeting him, “So you’re Mark, to think I have traveled the world in search of an enlightened master, only to find him in a small gift store on Kauai.”

Mark is a rare soul, a prodigious reader, is genuine, interesting, loves to cook and a true Hidden Master.

Mark, Øm not-mark

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